Leanafy for B2B

Automated email and text notifications

This allows for automatic notifications to be sent to stakeholders regarding key events, such as order completion, inventory levels, and warehouse performance.

Automated billing and invoicing

This allow for the automatic generation of billing and invoicing based on warehouse operations, including the ability to track costs, create invoices, and generate reports on revenue and expenses.

Labor management

This allows for the tracking and management of warehouse labor, including scheduling, time tracking, and attendance.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration

This allows for seamless communication and data exchange with trading partners and customers, including the ability to receive purchase orders and send invoices and shipping documents electronically.

Mobile access for clients

This allows for clients to access real-time inventory and order information, and to place and track orders from mobile devices.

Advanced reporting and analytics

This allows for advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, including the ability to generate customized reports and to use data visualization tools to analyze warehouse performance.

Automated Data Backup

This allows for automatic backup of data and ensures that data is not lost in case of system failure or other issues.

KPI and dashboard

This allows for monitoring of key performance indicators such as inventory turnover, order fulfillment rate, and warehouse productivity, and provides a visual representation of warehouse performance.

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